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Girls With Bad Accents and the Guys Who Love Them
By Ms. Cali

Ms. Cali's Short Interview with Jimmy Hickock, Kid, and Teaspoon Hunter

There's just something about a girl with an accent that guys love; from a soft, refined, Southern voice to a cute western drawl, a good accent is one way to get a guy's attention. But what about those women who put on horrible, fake accents? Do guys really go for that?

Well, at least three of them do. And they are here to tell you why.

MC: Jimmy, let's start with you. "Don't shoot. Ah swaaaaire Ah'm not a tray!?"

JH: I know (shakes head ruefully).

MC: What were you thinking? She wasn't even pretty!

JH: I know. I don't really know what to say. In my defense, I had just asked a girl in town to the church social and she turned me down. Here was a girl who actually wanted to spend time with me. I guess I let my pride cloud my judgment.

MC: Kid, let's move on to you for a minute. TWO fake southern accents?

Kid: I didn't think they were fake!

MC: You obviously aren't really Southern then. So, where are you really from? New York? Why do you pretend to be a Southern country boy? What are you hiding?

Kid: You're crazy, you know that?

MC: Crazy? What if I told you I was fixin' to go to town, ya'll. I need to get some supplies, 'cause I think it's fixin' to come a storm over yonder.

Kid: You are so hot. Run away with me.

MC: You so obviously grew up in Southern California! Teaspoon, what about you? I mean, I realize you've probably never been to France, so you have a better excuse than Kid or Jimmy, but you couldn't tell her accent was fake?

TH: Well, she was pretty. And she needed help, you know? She was like a peach pie made with Splenda; so sweet and pretty, you couldn't tell it was fake.

MC: Ooooookkkkaaayyy...

Kid: You know, I think you are being too hard on us. Sure, I probably should have known that Samantha and Doritha's accents were fake, but I was going through a lot at the time. With Samantha, Lou and I had just broken up. Samantha was my rebound. And Doritha, I mean, I grew up with her. I'd been thinking about home and my brother so much around that time, that when she showed up she was such a welcome link to home. It was easy to believe the accent was real.

JH: Yeah! You tell her, Kid!

MC: Okay, I'm going to put on my fake southern accent and go make out with Kid behind the barn. Bye ya'll!
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