Volume 1, Issue 1
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The Kid
Home of the Brave
Speak No Evil
Bad Blood
Black Ulysses
Ten-Cent Hero
False Colors
A Good Day to Die
End of Innocence
Blind Love
The Keepsake
Fall From Grace
Hard Time
Lady For a Night
Unfinished Business
Daddy's Girl
Matched Pair
Man Behind the Badge
Then There Was One
Gathering Clouds Part 1
Gathering Clouds Part 2


Girls With Bad Accents and the Guys Who Love Them - By Ms. Cali
Notches, Straps & Ghosts - An Interview With Jimmy Hickock - by Ms. Cali
Surviving the Alamo - An Interview With Teaspoon Hunter - by Ms. Cali

Born to Hang
Dead Ringer *NEW*

The Rider Review
By Johnny Betts

The Wordslinger Hello and welcome to the Rider Review. My name is Johnny Betts. I'm a fan of the Young Riders, and I'm also a very gifted writer (at least that's what I tell myself). I decided it was time for me to add my own voice to The Young Riders world, and what better way to do that than by writing episode reviews for all my future fans to enjoy?

The purpose of the Rider Review is to enlighten and entertain. I'll give you my take on various characters, plot lines, goofs, and anything else that pops in my mind during an episode. You, the reader, won't always agree with what I say (not at first, anyway), but you'll be entertained by it nonetheless. That's what it's all about -- entertainment.

The majority of you fine people have most likely been led to believe that mediocrity is excellence. Wrong -- JOHNNY BETTS IS EXCELLENCE. And now, for the second time in Young Riders history, you have a man who can entertain you! You have a man who is good enough for you! You have a man who can make you jump up off your chairs, raise your filthy, fat little hands in the air, and scream "Go Johnny Go! Go Johnny Go! Go Johnny Go!" (All 3 people reading this chant along.)

Thank you. Exciting times lie ahead my fellow Young Riders fans. Exciting times lie ahead. The Young Riders

Well, enough of my self-aggrandizement, let's move on. I know most fans have a favorite rider. Well, let me just go ahead and warn you there's a pretty good chance that no matter who your favorite rider is, they'll most likely get some good-natured ribbing along the way. Unless you're a fan of Jimmy, of course. He was just too cool to do much stuff that can be made fun of, but just to be fair I'll try my very best to make fun of everybody at one time or another. Also, in each episode, I will have a "line of the episode" where I'll pick the very best line(s) of the episode. I suggest you print it out and put it up somewhere at home or work where you'll be the envy of all. See what I'm doing here? This is more than just a silly review of a long-canceled TV show; it's a public service. In time you'll learn to appreciate it.

That's enough introductory info. I'll add new and exciting gimmicks as we go along, but I know you're eager to start reading reviews so I shall let you do that RIGHT NOW.

The Rider Reviews originally appeared on the Riders Coming! website in October 2001. Wildly popular amongst Young Riders fans, the reviews have garnered Johnny quite a bit of fame, awards, and ego. The reviews can still be seen in their original format on the Riders Coming! site.

Thanks to Aimee at Kidnation, Gail and Jamie at Rival Riders, Ann and her Lair, Beth at Saddles 'n' Spurs, and Heather for providing the screenshots.
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