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What's Wrong With People at Garage Sales?
By Johnny Betts

Garage sales can often yield good finds on books, games, various knick-knacks, and even furniture. However, you've gotta be careful buying appliances at garage sales.

I got a microwave one day at a garage sale for $15. The woman said it worked. She said all you had to do was "hold the start button for a couple of seconds", but other than that it worked. Looked like a great deal to me. It was a big Whirlpool, and for only $15 I thought it wouldn't hurt to push the start button for a couple seconds.

I got home and hurried to test it out. Well, it turned on, and you could push the buttons, but it didn't warm up anything. I called the owners of the house where the garage sale was held, but the woman who answered the phone claimed she didn't have a microwave for sale.

It was a 3-family garage sale so she said it may have been one of the other people. I got the names of the other people and called them, but they all denied having a microwave for sale. Sounded fishy to me. I thought about driving back to the house to see if I could get my money back, but I didn't want to deal with the hassle. She might have said, "Sorry, but now we don't have the chance to sell it to anybody else." But hey, you shouldn't be selling a broken microwave without being completely honest about it in the first place!

I messed up. I should've asked that she demonstrate it, but I took her word for it. I thought, "What good would it do for a woman in a 6000 sq ft house to lie about a broken microwave?" I had my doubts about doing it, but I decided to take the risk. Should've listened to my instinct. I held out hope that you could still give people the benefit of the doubt these days. WHAT'S WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!

I did get Showdown Yahtzee out of the deal. And hey, the clock on the microwave works! "No, that's not our microwave, that's our clock that's designed so that it just LOOKS like a microwave. It's the latest trend. Wanna buy it for $15?"
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